2D Animation

Our team of illustrators and animators from Maau Brands uses cutting-edge graphics tools and advanced technology to create an original, eye-catching visual world. Our unique style of animation lets animated characters come to life and injects elegance and beauty into videos

White Board Video

Learn to quickly communicate complex concepts using an animated hand drawn by a skilled crew of 2D experts. Engage your viewers in a fun and entertaining way using Maau Brands.

Frame- By- Frame Animation

Make stunning and high-quality videos with our frame-by-frame animation experts. Enhance your marketing campaigns to increase engagement and ROI by using high-quality content.

Kinetic Typography Animation

Kinetic typography is one the most effective ways to present your brand or product advertising with motion text. Create a unique message to amaze your viewers by creating stunning animation

Shape Animation

Make use of the power of geometry to make top-quality videos for your company. Our experts in shape animation will develop innovative ideas to improve your marketing performance.

Infographic Animation

Engage your audience with valuable information presented in an engaging animated video. Construct the data, communicate the correct messages to your audience and translate complicated concepts into engaging and simple-to-understand information.

Cut-Out Animation

Cut-out animation is a way to create use of flat-shaped characters, props, and backgrounds made from various materials like fabric or paper. Make use of this method to engage your viewers with original content.

Delight Your Audience With Our 2D Animation Services

A video with a 2D animation can help you with your ailing marketing campaign! What is the demand for such videos? They can be a great way to start your sales for your business! A stunningly animated 2D graphics video brings your brand’s image to the forefront and transforms your ideas into the real world. 


Their storytelling concept has been a hit with audiences around the globe. The stunning visuals of these videos help explain your services and products in simple language that lay people comprehend. The scriptwriters, animators, voiceover writers, and animators bring life to these videos and create an ideal platform for you to experience your company’s growth beyond imagination.

Our company is an animation business that is dedicated to satisfying the needs of all types of 2D animation. Since we’ve been involved in numerous animation projects knowing the perspective and your needs is relatively easy. We are experts in 2D animation. You don’t have to endure the difficulty of explaining each and every aspect to us. Instead, we’ll detect it and surprise you beyond your expectations by using the top 2D animation programs.

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Convert Your Lead

Convert visitors into Leads with an explainer video.

Get More Conversions

Start getting more Leads and increase Conversion rates..

Explaining It Easily

Explain your brand product/service within seconds.

Make It More Simple

Delivering complex procedures in a simple and easy way.

Impress Your Market

An effective way to attract multiple customers in one go.

Improve SEO

Use Video to Boost Your SEO Online visibility.

Why animated videos for Digital Marketing?

An animated explainer video can help you share your story loudly. The story is told loudly! Explainer videos are clear and concise with no limitations. Our specially designed storyboard templates aid in determining your metrics and clearly expressing your message easily and quickly.

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