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A great logo design will attract tons of prospects to your business. Our designers have been creating unique logo designs for clients. This has helped us to grow our client base and made us leaders in logo design services.

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Pictorial-Mark Logo

Pictorial marks are logos that are graphic-based. This is the most common image you associate with the "logo": The iconic Apple logo, Twitter bird, and Target bullseye. These logos are so iconic and so well-known that they can be easily identified by anyone who sees them. Actual brand marks are only images.

Word-Mark Logo

A logotype or wordmark is a font-based logo focusing only on the business name. A wordmark logo works well when a company's name is concise and clear. Google's logo is a strong example of this. It has a catchy name and strong typography. The logo helps create strong brand recognition.

Letter-Mark Logo

A lettermark is a logo that uses typography and usually includes the Initial letters of the business name. Simplicity is the key to a lettermark logo. If a company has a long name, a lettermark logo can be used to simplify the brand. It is much easier to remember International Business Machines than to say "IBM".

Emblem Logo

An emblem logo is a font within a symbol or icon. Think badges, seals, and crests. These logos are typically traditional in appearance and can strongly impact many schools, government agencies, and organizations. Emblem logos are also famous in the auto industry. Although they are classic in style, many companies have modernized the look of emblem logos with modern designs that fit the 21st century.

Mascot Logo

Mascots are simply characters that represent your company. You can think of them as your ambassador. The Kool-Aid Man and KFC's Colonel are some of the most famous mascots. Mascots can be a great way to promote a positive atmosphere and appeal to children and families. Imagine all the mascots that attend sporting events and how they bring out the best in the crowd by engaging with them!

Combination Logo

A combination mark is a logo that combines a wordmark, lettermark, and a pictorial. You can arrange the text and picture side-by-side or stack them on top of one another to create an image. You may be able, in the future, to rely only on a symbol for your logo and not always have to include your name. This type of logo is easier to trademark than a simple pictorial mark because it combines text and a symbol.

Why Choose Huemoon Logo Design Services?

We have developed a unique approach to creating logos that caters to all business types. We help you create unique logo design services that accurately reflect your brand sentiments and ultimately increase your customer base. Our skilled designers will create a memorable, professional, relevant, and memorable logo design that will fit your brand’s story and aesthetics. We can help you upgrade existing logo designs or create a new concept that strikes your fancy.



  • Design Brief

    We emphasise the briefing process more to determine the project's desired outcome. We care about your business and will help you reach your goals.

  • Research

    Our qualified designers can deliver the right logo by conducting proper research. We ensure that you receive the best logo design by staying current on the latest trends. We extensively researched your industry and history to find the best solutions for you.

  • Conceptualising

    Our creative thinking is the main component to succeed! Our designers are concerned with the design style and the image to communicate a profound message to the people you want to reach. We will create a unique logo that will give a different dimension to your user experience and the entire brand image. We strive to create a unique brand identity for your company.

  • Drawing & Coloring

    Our logo designers work long and hard to find the message and feel that our clients want the logo to convey to their viewers. Our designers play around with all the ideas they can think of to deliver the highest quality outcomes to our top clients. When the designer is satisfied with their sketch, they only proceed to add colour and give it a more real and authentic by experimenting with and using a variety of colour combinations that are appropriate in the context of the brand!

  • Client Approval

    Our customers are the main factor for our business's success. We are always looking at working with you to develop your ideas and let you express your opinions and preferences until you have the desired result for your logo design. We ensure that every client receives exactly what they need with the highest quality outcome that exceeds their expectations.

We consider the essential elements of a logo: shape, color, space symbols, fonts, and text. These will help create a unique branding identity for each business

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The website is an online face of your business that brings the customers to you by convincing and telling about your business, products, or services. So we make custom web designs that creatively speak about your profession to improve engagement.

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Huwmoon provides a broad range of SEO services that will boost your company's exposure in search by using only reliable, long-term-proof SEO strategies.

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We Provide extensive social media optimization services. You can have an appealing online presence that attracts consumers and allow users to share content on the internet almost instantaneously.

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We provide social media management services based on your audience's crowd and culture. Cultural branding is a term used to describe the shared perspectives of your target audience.

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